See 14 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Everyday

Posted on 25 Jun 19:16 by Diana N Ahuche

Lemons are very high in vitamin C. Citrus fruits like limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are super antioxidants that are excellent for purifying your organs and enhancing your beauty by rejuvenating your skin from within, bringing a glow to your face.

1. Lemon water is the perfect way to hydrate, purify, and revitalize your body each morning. By adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water you “revot” the water and revitalize it. This allows it to travel more deeply into your tissues and cells and carry the essential nutrients and compounds you need in order to thrive. Lemon water is a good source of vitamins C and B as well as mineralssuch as calcium and magnesium.

2. Lemon water is excellent for weight loss, boosting the immune system, alkalizing the body, controlling high blood pressure, countering aging prematurely, and detoxification, purifying the blood, and regulating body temperature (Source:

3. Lemon water is particularly beneficial for the digestive tract and can help relieve constipation and nausea.

4. Lemon water is also good for the cardiovascular and muscular systems, making it an ideal drink before and after exercise.

5. Lemon is a fabulous antiseptic, and lemon-water can also help people with heart problems due to its high potassium content (Source:

6. Lemon water helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, as it dissolves uric acid.

7. Lemon water aids digestion and encourages the production of bile.

8. Lemon water contains potassium, which helps nourish brain and nerve cells.

9. Lemon water helps with common cold and flu symptoms.

10. Lemon water also helps balance the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver

11. Lemon water strengthens the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are too diluted (Source:

12. Lemon water has immense benefits for the skin because it can help prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne (Source: 

13. Lemon water with a bit of salt helps replenish the body, especially after a strenuous workout session.

14. Lemon water, when used in combination with other nutrients, can help maintain eye health and helps fight against eye problems and diseases (Source:


Consider an early morning ritual of squeezing half a lemon into 16 ounces of your water upon waking. This deep form of hydration will alkalize and awaken your mind and energize your body for the day. Better still, boil your water and save in a covered jar overnight, this will allow the water to settle before drinking (avoid drinking the bottom part). While you can use lemon juice to super charge your water, try adding a teaspoon of turmeric, crushed ginger and garlic, cucumber, or herbs in your water this little trick will not only help recharge your water and alkalize your whole body with a bit of flavor but it will also help cleanse and stimulate your organs which will make them feel and function better.