Benefits Of Detoxification And Best Practice

Posted on 25 Jun 19:16 by Diana N Ahuche

Basically, detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the body by neutralizing toxins and cleansing out of the body.

The body eliminates toxins from the blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin during detoxification.

Detoxing is more effective when it flushes out bad foods, excess sugar, excess unhealthy fat, heavy met  u methods, however general detoxing is paramount in the meantime.


What are the benefits of detoxification?

One of main benefits of detoxification is to cleanse toxins and toxin buildup allowing nutrients to process more efficiently and to get to their destination and do their job. Detoxification benefits the body by keeping clean, healthy, and vibrant. Detoxification also promotes stronger immune system, boosts mental clarity, improves eye health, helps maintain good weight, supports strong bones and joints, supports skin and hair health, increases reproduction/fertility, bolsters energy level, and increases vitality.


Constant detoxification is important for the all ages; the elders, the young ones, adults, men, and women. The clean and the not-so-clean will require different doses and length of time.


How to detoxify your body?

Detox diets and cleanses are incredibly trendy these days, and there are seemingly endless programs to choose from. Some things that these detox diets and protocols forget to add are the steps to take to make detoxification cleansing effective and long-lasting. So, here are important steps to best practice of detoxification to follow to make your detoxification efforts successful.



Detoxification protocol should be done at intervals not just randomly since the toxins that we detoxify out of the body have been in the body for a long time and we continue to accumulate more. To properly detoxify the body and/or specific body parts or organs one must apply best practice – you practice detoxification objective, with specific ingredients for targeted body part or organ until desired result is achieved. During a detoxification  process it is imperative to avoid consuming things that will compromise and defeat the purpose instead it is advised to consume things that will facilitate the process to be fully effective. For example, during the detox process you should be drinking pure fresh juices with toxin neutralizing and flushing properties and eat more foods that will help support the process. More than just common fruits and vegetable smoothies and juices there are very potent herbs, spices, powerful antioxidants, plant isolated compounds and lifestyle changes that go a long way to help you properly detoxify your body systems from specific toxins or food waste that linger around for very long periods of time.

For example, if you choose to do a -day, 7-day, 15-day detoxification protocol (you repeat this weekly, monthly, or every 3 months depending on your lifestyle and level of toxicity), you must stay on healthy options and stay away from unhealthy options during the cleansing process. You may go back to your usual life when the process is over if you still feel like, usually people don’t go back instead they stay on the cleane, healthy path, which brings us to the next step.



Restoration and revitalization of damaged organs or body parts is a big part of proper detoxification process. After a gentle or intense detoxifying of the body, it is extremely important to restore the body and organs with good food and nutritional supplements so they can heal from the damage and be restored back to healthy a state. Aiming to eat healthier food options after detoxification will help your body to restore and revitalize your organs and body.


To restore the body you have to follow these steps.

Restoring your body from long-term damages (after a particular detox protocol) is a imparative and to help you prevent your body and organs from further damage. For instance, after a liver or brain detox, you want to feed the detoxified organ with it's nutrients or herbal medicine to restore it and its function. These simple practices can help in restoring and revitalizing and promoting your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.


a) You should adopt some lifestyle adjustments that will help rebuild the body from damage and deterioration (to get progressively worse). Such lifestyle changes could be to take short leisure walks, exercising and/or working out, maintaining decent sleep hygiene, committing to healthy regular diet, engaging in health promoting activities like playing, dancing, swimming, using sauna, and being around positive people and energy.


b) You should also stir clear from unhealthy and unhygienic eating habits and lifestyle such excessive or regular alcohol consumption, heavy smoking of any kind, drug use (legal and illegal)l, engaging in unhappy stressful activities like keeping bad friends that are up to no good.

Following these simple but effective steps will help transform your life and health to a new height. Now, the last step in best-practice in detoxification process.



Maintenance. Maintaining overall long term good health and wellness is one of the best practices of detoxification after detoxification and restoration of the body.

This whole steps will not only make you feel and look better but they will ensure the body is rejuvenated, free of deadly diseases, and ready for the years ahead. To maintain optimal health now and in future simply follow step 2 a and b, and work your way up to step 3 a and b.

a) To take your new healthy happy life a step further in order to maintain optimal wellness, you should address specific health issues you may have, known and unknown. Regular check on your blood pressure level, cholesterol level, stress level, reproduction system, hormone balance, eye health, heart health, blood quality and quantity, stomach digestive activities etc. For example, it is wise to do a thorough medical check every so often to catch anything going on so they can be addressed or treated in time before they manifest to more serious health situations, where it will cost more stress, money, and time to treat.

b) The final action plan of good detoxification is reversing and improving your health and wellness in specific areas of your life, health and wellness like balancing hormones, boosting brain function, promoting sexual health, building stronger bones and muscles, maintaining a decent physical fitness routine now and for later years, and maintain clean healthy physical appearance, beauty.


We are supposed to thrive and enjoy life not sit around and not do much.