Fluoride: What it is, Why It’s Dangerous To Our Health, And How To Remove It From The Body

Posted on 20 Sep 16:48 by Diana N Ahuche

Sodium fluoride is a neurotoxin. Fluoride has been categorized as toxic as arsenic, lead, and mercury, but it's still prevalent in much country’s water supply system. In fact, according to The Lancet, the world's oldest and most prominent clinical journal, the additive is in fact a neurotoxin and is classified in the exact same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury. Scientists believe that the additive is adding to a globally neurotoxicity that result in health conditions such dylexia, cognitive problems, and sadly, attention-deficit disorder; and child birth defects because fluoride is typically consumed through fluoridated water, tooth paste, and particular foods. A 2013 findings by a Harvard University meta-analysis which was funded by the National Institutes of Health coincides with the record. 

The researchers concluded that young people in locations with very high fluoridated water have "substantially reduced" intelligent level than those who are in areas with low amounts of fluoride in their water system. Also, Harvard site specifies that "incredibly extremely high levels of fluoride are known to trigger neurotoxicity (produces an adverse effect on the structure or function of the central and/or peripheral nervous system) in adults, and also have a negative effect on memory and learning abilities; this has been reported in rodent research studies". Despite this research, fluoride is still added to around 60% of the water system. 

Drink plenty of distilled or filtered water and follow the following 6 steps listed below to remove fluoride from your body system.

1. Get enough iodine (cranberries, natural yogurt, strawberries, seaweed and navy beans)

2. Eat boron rich food (honey, bananas, avocado, most nuts, prunes and days)

3. Drink tamarind juice or tea

4. Increase your magnesium and calcium intake

5. Add turmeric root (turmeric neutralizes and detoxifies fluoride) powder to your water before drinking to purify water and cleanse kidney

6. Take sauna bath by sitting 15 to 20 minutes few times a week, sun or anything like that to detox body

7. Adopt a wholesome, plant-based diet, add 20 mins workout or relaxation under the sun every often, continue to look for natural remove this health threatening neuro-toxin and other contaminants from your body.


Think of your liver as the body's detoxifier. It filters the blood, detoxifies chemicals, and metabolizes fat—and moringa may help it work better. Moringa was discovered to facilitate faster elimination of toxins. In addition to that, it decreased the bad effects of alcohol in the liver as well as prevented any possible mitochondrial variations that can be induced by ethanol. From these results, we can proudly say that moringa really is a great full body detoxifying agent.


Moringa leaves Moringa facilitates the production of glutathione—the potent “detox antioxidant” that counters free radicals causing stress to your liver and to detoxify toxins like fluoride. Moringa leaves packs high quality and good amount of chlorophyll, which is one of its ‘fire’ detoxifying agents. The most important step to detoxify from excess fluoride may be to cleanse your liver. The liver is responsible for over 400 functions in the body, but with heavy weight fluoride and toxins put on it weakens its function, which in turn weakens many of the bodily functions, and it shows on your outlook, and eventually manifests to very dangerous health.


Cilantro is one powerful herb that is often ignored, but knowing how important this herb is to your health will make you appreciate it more. Cilantro is one of the most effective and gentle detoxifiers of heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. It is excellent for extracting mercury and fluoride from your body’s organs. Heavy metals have been linked to serious health problems such as cancer, heart disease, brain deterioration, emotional problems, kidney disease, lung disease, and weak bones – worst of all, fluoride buildup cause decline in intelligence and creativity. Rid yourself of fluoride and other health depressing heavy metals and regain ‘the power of your mind’.

Drink water with lemon juice as soon as you get up in the morning and eat friendly liver foods such as garlic, turmeric, lemon, lime, avocado, your body will have an easier task in removing heavy metals and toxins.


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