100% Pure Organic Moringa Leaf Powder (Nutrition Powerhouse) 150 g


  • All-In-One nutritional Supplement
  • Helps To Aid Weight Loss
  • Helps To Build More Red Blood Cells
  • Balances the pH Level In The Body
  • Regulates Normal Sugar Levels
  • Increases Energy and Mental Alertness
  • Encourages Good Night Sleep
  • Supports Kidneys and Liver Functions
  • Stabilizes Proper Metabolism Rate
  • Builds Muscle Mass And Strong Bones
  • Maintains Eye and Brain Health
  • Excellent To Restore The Elderly's Health
  • Great For Physically Active/Fitness People
  • Prevents DNA damage and help with DNA repair
  • Blocks Toxins (we eat, drink and breathe)
  • Makes Damaged Cells To Commit Suicide Before Reproduction
  • Enhances Men's Sexual Libido and Performance
  • Promotes Overall Health and Wellness 

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150 g

* Store in cool, dry, dark place to retain active nutrients