Argan Oil - 10ml (100% Pure, Cold Pressed)


Despite its naturally nutty aroma, Argan Oil is not made from a nut at all. Argania spinosa tress bear Argan fruit and Argan Oil is made from the kernel inside of the pit of the fruit. The end product is nut-free.

The extraction of the oil from the kernel for this particular oil is done by hand at Saadia Organics by Saadia herself and her team of other hardworking women. This hand extraction process is very time consuming, thus providing the highest and purest quality of this Argan Oil.

Note: Beware of “deodorized” Argan Oil. The process used to take the aroma out of the oil is said to damage the amazing abilities of pure untouched Argan Oil. Saadia Organics is proud to only offer you the most natural, authentic product possible. 

Main Benefits of Argan Oil:

1. Argan oil has gained a lot of popularity because of hair care products that promote it. Pure argan oil is amazing on the scalp because it soothes dry, itchy scalp. And it helps with flaking. In the hair itself, real Argan oil can restore damaged hair, making it super full, long, and soft. But pure Argan oil is to be used as a treatment rather than a daily hair product.

It is recommended to massage it into the scalp and hair in the evening before bed. In the morning, wash it out with your regular shampoo. You will notice your hair grows fully, longer, and feels softer and shinier. 

2. Argan oil is amazing during pregnancy. It will helps with stretching bellies, helping to prevent stretch marks. Argan oil can produce relief for many skin irritations that occur during pregnancy. On babies, Argan oil can be a one-stop solution for issues such as: baby eczema, baby rash, and diaper rash. Don’t forget to apply Argan oil when breastfeeding. It will quickly soothe the pains and cracks that breastfeeding can bring. Apply it on nipples and around breasts, then wash off before breastfeeding.

3. If you have dry, cracked, weak nails,Aargan oil may be what you’re looking for. Because of the incredibly high content of Vitamin E, Argan oil will help to rebuild nail beds and cuticles resulting in healthier and longer nails. Dipping your fingers in a small bowl of Argan oil will produce almost instant results. In Morocco, women often mix a few drops of lemon juice with a small dish of Argan oil to soak the cuticles.

4. The best part: Argan oil is wonderful on the skin. Helping with everything from cracked heels to chapped lips, Argan oil will soothe the skin, minimize wrinkles, it absorbs quickly and brings great results. It is a powerful moisturizer for the face to give it clean, clear, youthful look and fell without leaving it greasy or oily. It actually helps to clear the skin of blemishes and to restore its natural balance. It is recommended to exfoliate the skin or face before applying Argan oil to increase maximum absorption and result. If possible, use some sort of exfoliating mitt or brush in the shower and once dry, apply Argan oil generously. Your skin will glow and will feel 10 years younger.

–100% Pure Argan Oil

– Authentic

– Eco-Friendly

– Vegan

– Ethical

– Nut-free

Cold-Pressed by Hand in Essaouira, Morocco.