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Our world was pristine, rich with natural resources, saturated in high vibrating positive energy, decorated in beautiful vegetable, oceans water tide flowed within its assigned its limit, humans and other living things lived in a pure organic environment. But as life progresses these entire natures gift for man’s pleasure while in existence began to deteriorate and now we have to sit up and change that NOW.

It’s obvious that our world as we know it has gone bunkers; partly because we have moved away from living life naturally as we should and because we have sacrificed our real life at the altar of artificial convenient lifestyle.

For the longest time I have been a naturalist. I have always gone for the best and most natural way of living which grounds me to earth, and it keeps getting better. Being a super naturalista and having always enjoyed learning new natural ways to do everything which lead to my friends and associates looking to me for such advice, hence I became a natural living and medical researcher. I absolutely enjoy researching on major topics that people are most concerned about and bringing them answers and solutions!


I have always fascinated about how I, we, can go back to the Garden of Eden, where life was nothing but pure bliss. Where humans, animals, and plants interacted and lived in harmony as they should, in a bubble of ecosystem.

Garden of Eden, an organic paradise, which was located at the head of Persian Gulf in Mesopotamia (Iraq), a place known to be lush and growing;  where human, nature (plants, water, rocks, natural resources), wildlife, and beasts all lived in perfect harmony, is known to be the origin of humanity. Things have since drastically changed. Things have moved from natural and pure to more complicated and more unnatural, and it’s no secret that this move is taking a toll on all living things and the environment from lower energy and vitality in people and other living things to global warming where oceans water overflow beyond their bounds, which is causing a lot of problems. In my quest to bring us back to Eden’s organic life, Eden’s Organic Life was born.

For me, this is not a business, it’s a calling!

In General, I research and educate people on most needed alternative health, healing, wellness, spirituality, and lifestyle topics.

In specific, through consultation, I help people who have specific health, healing, wellness, or spiritual concern or need. (Having an astounding background in investment and finance consultation, I understand how to ask questions with developed questionnaire to get useful answers, research and process them and come up with answers/solutions).

With my deep passion and wide range of knowledge in alternative health, healing, wellness, and spirituality I can comfortably create a basic treatment/solution to an established issue. When necessary, I consult with experts in the particular areas that my client needs help with.

Natural living, known as alternative living, is without a doubt the way and the best way to live a good life as nature intended.

I personally focus on particular areas of Healing and Wellness such as:

Toxicity Detoxification Hormonal Balancing Stress Management Human Energy Healing Aging Well (for elders)


I follow simple yet effective 5 step process to help treat/heal my clients, which are:

Detoxification (extensive) Holistic Nutrition (whole/functional foods) Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Spices, and Natural Resources Supplements & Nutraceuticals - Isolated Compounds Manual for Lifestyle Modification & Spiritual Healing


There are 5 great benefits that come with my treatment/solution package approach, they include:

Thorough research to ensure I come up with the best answers and treatment solutions Customized to individuals situations and needs Provides the best and highest quality of treatment products As a package, I try to save clients money while providing the best service Follow up with clients to support their journey to healing and improving their well-being.

My ultimate goal is to have Healing and Wellness centers across the world where people can come and be rehabilitated and guided to in the direction of how to live the rest of their lives the best way they can. I will be having Integrated Practices where there will be a team of trained nutritionists, physiatrists, weight loss professionals, cardiologist/heart disease specialists, stress management gurus, medical doctors, natural doctors, spiritual healers etc. This way we can take a broader look at the whole body of patients physiological state, history of illness or conditions (which often have spiritual or genetic roots), illness triggers and what calms them, expected result and why; work with our team of professionals to provide absolute healing – with functional medicine (whole).

The spiritual part of my work goes to help people to open up their intuition channels to in order to access higher powers and experience deeper meaningful life. There are plant herbs and ritual practices (nothing fetish – ancient knowledge that are being kept secret while those who know and use it enjoy its huge benefits) that are naturally there to help you get in touch with your spiritual being part to live beyond human realm.

The lifestyle part is about providing an established healthy lifestyle protocol to consciously live by all in an effort to maintain better health, heal from illnesses, improve personal well-being, and enhance your spiritual ability to enrich your life.

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