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Going back to living life like in the Garden of Eden's, more natural, healthy, and harmonious, is a true solution to counter this new age artificial madness.

I recently graduated from a Canadian government business program where I learned from the experts on how to develop and manage this well needed business in our current society. 

I start with detoxing major parts of the body as it is imperative to detoxify the entire body correctly and then restore the body systems with natural/organic foods, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, and aroma-therapeutic approaches  as well as address vital health matters to ensure that you live your remaining life the best way you can. Starting with detoxifying your entire body thoroughly from years of accumulated food wastes and toxins will help to overhaul and to begin life anew. I then proceed to the most common and health challenges that many of us can relate to. 

Here are the main areas of health and wellness that I currently consult on:







Aging Well (seniors)

Health & Wellness Essentials