100% Pure Himalayan Pink Salt (Balance Body pH, Improve Sleep)


Pink Himalayan salt is abundant in 80 different minerals and trace elements that helps the body to detoxify and remove bacteria, hydrates the body by restoring lost electrolytes - electrolytes balance in the body helps the intestines to absorb nutrients for normal functioning.

Himalayan salt is super rich in iodine, which food companies add artificially to table salt after several processing steps. The high amount of natural iodine in Himalayan salt greatly supports the thyroid gland, in making thyroid hormones. Normal thyroid avoids thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The thyroid produces hormones that are responsible for encouraging normal growth and development, coordinating energy, and promoting healthy metabolism throughout the body. When the thyroid levels become too high or too low, thyroid disorder can occur.

Abnormal thyroid functions lead to thyroid disorders such as underactive (hypothyroidism) with symptoms like weight gain, depression, tiredness, slow movement and thoughts, being sensitive to cold and muscle aches and pains and overactive (hyperthyroidism) with common symptoms of anxiety, nervousness energy, irritability, mood swings, and weight gain/loss.

Thyroid disorders are common, silent, yet highly negatively impactful to health. 

The thyroid is involved in several major body functions, hence, a disorder with the thyroid can be deleterious to health. A normal functioning thyroid gland is essential in maintaining a healthy heart rate, works to regulate and accommodate your varying need for oxygen supply as activities and events happen throughout the day in your life.

A high heart rate can be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. When the thyroid is working harder than normal to produce excess hormones, blood pressure is affected and increased, leading to an elevated heart rate.

A low heart rate can signify hypothyroidism. When the thyroid is not working efficiently to produce sufficient hormones this leads to unfavorable health effects from low energy level, hair loss, loss of appetite, impaired mental cognitiion, low sex drive/performance, sleep issues, changes in menstrual cycle, to changes in eyes (bulging eyes).

Other Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

Kills and flushes bacteria from the body

Neutralizes positive ions on the body 

Improves respiratory functions

Maintains normal heart rate/pulse

Balances body's potential hydrogen (pH) level

Slows and reduce signs of aging

Regulates blood sugar level

Supports balanced energy level

Encourage normal weight

Promotes healthy digestion

Maintains normal body temperature

Improves sleep quality

Increases sexual drive/performance

Naturally rich in iodine, stabilizes the thyroid

150 grams

Product Detail

Natural sea salt

Hand processed

Pure quality